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If you want to Buy buffalo meat , you can easily go to the grocery or the local meat shop—but are you sure you’re getting the real thing? When you buy buffalo meat, it is important to know where it came from and how it was prepared. Did it come from a ranch or a feedlot? Was it genetically modified or fed with chemical preservatives? To make sure you’re getting the best quality buffalo meat, buy from independent ranchers such as Cowboy Free Range Meat

Buying buffalo meat
A good place to buy buffalo meat is from a exclusive ranch, but if you are living in a city, you might have to drive hours to reach a real countryside ranch. Fortunately, most ranches now have online sales and services. At Cowboy Free Range Meat, you can buy buffalo meat from home and get the same fresh, high-quality meat as you would from an actual ranch.

Live and let live
To get the best quality meats, it’s important to let the buffalos graze in a natural environment while providing them with the necessary food, water and shelter. Genetically modified livestock contains free radicals from all the preservatives injected into them, which compromises the quality of the meat. We feed our buffalos naturally instead of sending them to feedlots, so you can be sure our buffalo meats are completely organic and free of additives.

No “mad buffalo” disease
Since buffaloes are not fed with manufactured feeds, there are no health concerns such as mad cow disease. Plus, unlike cows and sheep, they do not defecate in their own water source. This makes their water safer and cleaner, which ensures that they are free from any disease.

Pure, wholesome meat
When you buy buffalo meat from us at Cowboy Free Range Meat, you are guaranteed that what you are buying is all-natural and pure buffalo meat, with no additives such as MSG or nitrates. Even our processed food products like hotdogs, beef jerkies, snack sticks, and salamis, use all-natural preservatives like honey, salt, pepper and other spices. If you want real, pure and wholesome buffalo meat, you can rely on us to provide high quality meat at all times.

Why buy buffalo meat?
Buffalo meat is good for those with high cholesterol because it helps lower your high cholesterol levels with its high Omega-3 fatty acid content. It is also high in protein, which is important for muscle and tissue development. The vitamins and minerals present in buffalo meat provide the right amount of recommended daily allowance that our body needs, so if you want to serve steak, burgers or hotdogs, choose buffalo meat instead. Order now from our website at

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Burger Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Sirloin Steak Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Tenderloin Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Steak

You can rely on the quality meats you find here. When you want to buy buffalo meat, you don't have to ask the local butcher. You won't find anywhere with lower prices & higher quality meats.

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