Buffalo meat for sale

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Buffalo meat for sale
Not all Buffalo meat is the same—some may contain additives, some are fattier than others, and some may not even be buffalo meat! How do you know you’re getting the real thing? Try ordering online at Cowboy Free Range Meat. Our meats are all organic and natural, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality buffalo meat with no additives or preservatives.

About us
Cowboy Free Range Meat was born when our founder, Patty Ann, was diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac Disease. The disease has led her to live a healthier lifestyle by maintaining a proper diet, exercise, and taking health supplements. Here at Cowboy Free Range Meat, we are committing ourselves to providing you with healthier meat in a world where factory farms and fast food restaurants dominate the market.

Our meats
We are the best online source for those who want all-natural and high-quality buffalo meat for sale. Our buffalos are raised in their natural environments and fed only organic foods to ensure the best quality meats. Our products have no additives like MSG and nitrates, and are not genetically modified like other commercial meats. You can choose from several meat varieties such as hot dogs, steaks, and jerky. With lower fat content and no preservatives, our meats are perfect for the meat-lover who wants high-quality meat while maintaining a healthy diet.

A short history
Did you know that buffalo meat has been consumed by Native Americans and early settlers from way back? That is why some expert gourmet chefs and meat-lovers refer to buffalo meat as the “real American meat.” In fact, it was so popular that by the 1800's, the buffaloes were nearly hunted to extinction. This is how we discovered other meat sources such as cows and sheep. Still, the demand for a healthier alternative to beef is increasing because of the rise in obesity and weight-related diseases. Today, major ranches are naturally breeding buffaloes to meet the growing demand for healthier meat in restaurants and supermarkets.

The healthy red meat
Doctors agree that buffalo meat is a great alternative to beef, even for patients with heart problems. Buffalo meat contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help lower blood cholesterol. Buffalo meat also has enough protein and iron necessary to meet the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

The meatier meat
You can cook buffalo meat just the way you cook beef, but since it has very low fat, it does not shrink as much. It also takes away that greasy aftertaste you get from most beef dishes. Buffalo meat is leaner and non-allergenic, so people who are allergic to beef can still get the iron and protein nutrients that they need.

Order now
Why settle for your local grocery when you can order your buffalo meat for sale at our online website? We have all kinds of buffalo meat that you will love from jerkies to hotdogs and steaks. Start a healthier lifestyle now with our buffalo meat.

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Burger Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Sirloin Steak Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Tenderloin Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Ribeye Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo (Bison) Steak

You can rely on the quality meats you find here. When you want to buy buffalo meat, you don't have to ask the local butcher. You won't find anywhere with lower prices & higher quality meats.

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