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Buffalo meat has always been associated with western living and traveling. If you are not a traveler, you can still buy buffalo meat on-line! Remembering the old west with buffalo meat is a great way to enjoy any snack, dinner, or cook out.

Cowboy Free Range Meat Sausage
Large View

Original Salami, Rustler Salami
or Wilderness Summer Sausage

Buffalo Sausage Information
12 oz. - $13.05

Original Salami:

Rustler Salami:

Wilderness Summer Sausage:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Elk Summer Sausage
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Buffalo Summer Sausage
8 oz chub - $14.05

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo Brats
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Buffalo Brats
All brats are 100% Buffalo, no fillers. Stuffed in natural pork casing. Great on the grill.
1 lb Package, 4 to a pack - $14.05

Buffalo Brats:

Buffalo Jalapeno Cheddar Brats:

Buffalo Habanero Cheddar Brats:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Snack Sticks
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Buffalo Snack Sticks
No preservatives, Nitrates, or Nitrites.
Choose from 5 delicious flavors:
Pepperoni, Garlic, BBQ, Jalapeno Cheddar and Habanero Cheddar
8 oz. - $13.05




Jalapeno Cheddar:

Habanero Cheddar:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Burger
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Buffalo Burger
Buffalo Burger Information
Lean Burger - $11.05

Bulk Package 1 lb:

3 Patties 1 lb:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Buffalo Hot Dog
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Buffalo Hot Dog
1 lb package - $13.05

Buffalo Hot Dog:

Cowboy Free Range Meat New York
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Buffalo New York
There's no city in this cowboy!

Package of 2 - $44.05:

Package of 4 - $84.05:


Cowboy Free Range Meat Ribeye
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Buffalo Ribeye
This is the apple of any cowboy's eye. All buffalo steaks are boneless.

Package of 2 - $47.05:

Package of 4 - $90.05:

Package of 6 - $124.05:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Filet Mignon
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Buffalo Filet Mignon
Most tender and flavorful steak available.

1 Filet - $25.05:

2 Filets - $47.05:

3 Filets - $70.05:

4 Filets - $92.05:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Roast
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Buffalo Roast
Buffalo Roast Information

Buffalo Roast:

Cowboy Free Range Meat Sirloin
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Buffalo Sirloin
There's no home on the range without it. All buffalo steaks are boneless.

Package of 2 - $28.05:

Package of 4 - $53.05:


Cowboy Free Range Meat Tenderloin
Large View

Buffalo Tenderloin
Read more about our Buffalo Tenderloin

This filet is our most tender and popular of cuts. It's perfect for that dinner party you may be planning, or to send to a friend as a gift. Grill on a cedar plank, smoke with apple chips, or season it au-natural for that perfect flavor.

Buffalo Whole Tenderloin

Buffalo Whole Tenderloin:

Buffalo Half Tenderloin

Buffalo Half Tenderloin:

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