Buffalo Tenderloin (Whole)


Cowboy Free Range Meat offers you a beautiful Buffalo tenderloin, whole, and full of flavor.

Juicy Buffalo TenderloinThe Buffalo loin gives you the most tender and expensive cuts of Buffalo and is full of flavor. The choice cut is the tenderloin which is very lean, very tender. Steak lovers of all sorts will enjoy the Free Range Buffalo tenderloin. The perfect choice of meat to serve for a party that will have your guest talking about it for years. Most Buffalo loins are naturally boneless, with a slight fat covering, perfect for braising or roasting.

Our Buffalo Tenderloin is Growth Hormone Free

Our Buffalo tenderloin is raised free of any growth hormones and antibiotics that are dangerous as in other red meat you purchase from the store. The buffalo you'll be enjoy are grass fed and in an open and free environment. Order online through our Buffalo Meat web site and have it delivered right to your door in two days or less.

4 to 5 lb average - $169.05

Buffalo Whole Tenderloin:

2 to 3 lb average - $87.05

Buffalo Half Tenderloin:

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