Buffalo Sausage - Tasty & Healthy

Buffalo Sausage

Buffalo Sausage is a unique summer sausage to serve at your next party. Everyone will celebrate. Buffalo Wilderness Sausage is an all natural product with no preservatives, nitrites, or MSG. Buffalo Wilderness Sausage accompanies any appetizer gathering. No party is complete without Buffalo meat.

Searching for a healthy snack? Buffalo Sausage is a unique snack paired with cheese or by itself. Include as a unique addition to any picnic or holiday celebration. Enjoy Buffalo Wilderness Sausage with your friends or indulge yourself with a treat at home.

Original Salami, Rustler Salami or Wilderness Summer Sausage
12 oz. - $14.05

Original Salami:

Rustler Salami:

Wilderness Summer Sausage:

Buffalo Sausage makes a Great Gift

Send Buffalo Summer Sausage as a gift to those special friends and family. Keep Buffalo Wilderness Sausage and Salami on hand to entertain the surprise guest. And, be the hit of any party with healthy, free range buffalo meat. Your guests and family will ask where you picked up such a favorable, yummy treat and they’ll be talking about the great tasting buffalo meat for days.

Bison (Buffalo)
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