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Buffalo Jerky is Healthy

Have you ever heard of the buffalo jerky? Bison (buffalo) jerky is the tastiest alternative you can snack on if you want to start incorporating healthier eating habits into your lifestyle. Not convinced? Here are some of the health benefits you can expect from the healthiest type of jerky available.

Buffalo Meat Versus Beef


Beef jerky is an all-time favorite snack by many people, but usually it is packed with preservatives and calories. Bison jerky is healthier compared to the beef jerky. This is because bison meat has fewer calories, lower cholesterol, and is made with natural preservatives like salt, honey, and spices.

Buffalo Jerky Contains Less fat

Bison jerky has less fat content compared to chicken, turkey, and beef. However, it is able to provide you with healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated nucleic acids. This is true especially if the bison is raised to freely graze in the lush greeneries. Furthermore, our bison jerky is never injected with steroids, growth hormones, or any type of antibiotic to enhance the meat. This makes our bison jerky and meat more ideal consumption.

Buffalo Meat is Non-Allergenic

Most people are allergic to certain foods and their allergies get worse especially if those foods are laden with preservatives like MSG and other nitrates. Since bison jerkies are made naturally without any type of inorganic preservatives, there are no reported allergic reactions towards the snack. This makes bison jerky ideal as a snack food for all ages.

No Worries With Buffalo Jerky

Buffalo jerky has a beefier and richer taste. However, it is low in cholesterol, which makes them ideal for snacks. You never have to worry about your cholesterol levels shooting up after eating it. Bison jerky makes a great beef substitute for those who are conscious about their health or for those who are restricted from eating red meats.

Need protein without the fat?

If you are building muscle but you are careful about what you are eating, you can snack on bison jerky when you need a quick fix of protein-rich meat. This is because bison meat is high in protein compared to other types of meat. Aside from that, bison jerky is high in iron and won't clog up your arteries because it is low in fat.

Bison in your diet

To order a bison jerky snack, use this Cowboy Free Range Meat website. Aside from jerkies, Cowboy Free Range Meat also provides you with other bison meat products. We make sure that all of our products are sanitary and held to strict standards. We use all natural ingredients to ensure that our bison meat is healthier for human consumption. This makes our bison meat free from MSG, nitrates, and wheat.

Buffalo Jerky

Original - 3.5 oz:

Peppered - 3.5 oz:

Teriyaki - 3.5 oz:

Buffalo Jerky in a Sweet and Spicy choiceSweet and Spicy - 3.5 oz:


Original - 7 oz:

Peppered - 7 oz:

Teriyaki - 7 oz:

Buffalo Jerky in a Sweet and Spicy choiceSweet and Spicy - 7 oz:

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