Buffalo Burgers - The Healthier Choice

Buffalo burgers have Less Fat

Many health-conscious people are now realizing the benefits of eating Buffalo burgers. Over the last decade, buffalo burgers have been gaining more recognition as the healthiest meat burger in the market, although it’s still far less popular than cattle.

Ordering from Exclusive Ranches

When you order buffalo burgers from an independent rancher, you can be sure that your meat is free from chemicals, hormones, and other harmful additives. Good ranchers let their buffalos roam and graze around the farm to let them live and grow naturally to ensure the best quality meat.

How Healthy are Buffalo Burgers?

Doctors are adding buffalo meat to the list of healthy meats, and are even recommending it for patients with heart problems. Buffalo meat has Omega-3 fatty acids that help lower cholesterol levels. It is also full of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and protein, which helps you meat the recommended dietary allowances (RDA). Even the American Heart Association is recommending buffalo burgers for a healthier lifestyle and better cardiac health.

Cooking Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo cooks faster because of its low fat content, so you can enjoy your burgers sooner and use up less gas. It’s not going to shrink, and you do not have to worry about cutting off the fat from the meat. It also has its own natural flavor, so you don’t need to add gravy or other greasy sauces. However, since it lacks the fat needed to keep it moist and juicy, you have to sear both sides of the meat to lock in the moisture.

More ways to make your mouth water

Buffalo burgers can be cooked or grilled the same way as beef, but why not get creative and improve the taste? You can try rubbing steak seasoning or a mixture of pepper, salt and garlic to the meat before grilling to maximize the flavor. Make sure you are cooking the meat at low temperature to make sure it’s evenly cooked.

Experts love it

Ask any meat lovers or gourmet chef, and they are sure to tell you that buffalo meat is meatier than beef. There’s a lot less fat, so you get more meat and protein with every bite. Try eating a buffalo burger instead of going to your local fastfood chain to satiate your burger-craving tastebuds.

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