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People today are looking for a healthier meat and are returning back to the leanness of game meats. Because of this strong demand, buffalo meat is making a strong comeback.

Cowboy Free Range Meat Filet Mignon
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Most tender and flavorful steak available!
Buffalo Filet Mignon
8 oz. average

1 Filet - $25.05:

2 Filets - $47.05:

3 Filets - $70.05:

4 Filets - $92.05:

Bison is on the list of meats that could be eaten if you have a cholesterol problem. Ask your doctor about using bison as an acceptable red meat.

Many people who have allergies to other meats find they can eat bison. Our meat products come from grass fed animals. There are no low level antibiotics, no hormones, no drug residues, and no preservatives in bison. When eating bison, you are eating pure, lean, wholesome meat.

All meat products are processed in a certified organic facility under strict standards which always provides extremely sanitary processing conditions. All ingredients, such as spices, salt, honey etc., are natural products. Cowboy Free Range Meat products are Nitrate and MSG Free and all processed products are Wheat Free!

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You can rely on the quality meats you find here, whether it's Buffalo Roast, Buffalo Jerky or Buffalo Burgers. When you want to buy buffalo meat or elk meat, you don't have to ask the local butcher. You won't find anywhere with lower prices & higher quality meats.

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Bison (Buffalo)
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